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World’s first 100% hydrogen testing facility unveiled – H21 project takes a leap forward in making a hydrogen gas grid a reality



Nov '18

November 2018

H21 North of England report launched in Westminster

Oct '18

October 2018

Build of the H21 NIC Phase 1b Test Facilities commences

Aug '18

August 2018

H21 NIC Social Sciences Research project kick-off meeting

May '18

May 2018

Build of the H21 NIC Phase 1a Test Facilities commences

Mar '18

March 2018

H21 Phase 2 Field Trails design NIA project started

Jan '18

January 2018

H21 NIC project begins

Nov '17

November 2017

Ofgem announce £9 million NIC funding for the H21 safety case

Oct '17

October 2017

Hydrogen named as a credible pathway to the 2050 decarbonisation target in the government’s Clean Growth Plan

Apr '17

April 2017

UK government’s BEIS department announces £25 million Hy4Heat ‘Downstream of the Meter’ programme

Jan '17

January 2017

Commencement of strategic NIA projects: H21 Strategic Modelling, Urban Centres; H21 Domestic and Commercial Metering; H21 Keighley and Spadeadam; H21 North of England

Oct '16

October 2016

Ofgem’s Future Insights Series launched

Oct '16

October 2016

Committee for Climate Change’s Next Steps for UK heat report released

Jul '16

July 2016

H21 Leeds City Gate report officially launched in Westminster

May '15

May 2015

Kick-off meeting for the H21 Leeds City Gate project

Sep '14

Sept 2014

Conception of the H21 Leeds City Gate idea